Blog – New Website Answers The Grisly Question, “Has Anyone Died in My House?” See What They Had To Say About My House!


by: Maura Neill (Google+)

A new website, launched in June 2013, answers your most morbid question about your home: “Has anyone ever died in my house?”


New website,, answers your grisliest question about your abode: “Has anyone ever died in my house?”

Some of you may not want to know and are happy living in blissful ignorance. But for those of you who notice that things in your home go bump in the night a little more often than normal, this site may just provide the answers you’re looking for!

For $11.99, you can purchase a detailed report about your home, which pulls information from “over 118 million records and that number continues to grow daily”, according to the website. Marketing itself as the first service of its kind, the website also promises users a free 30-day follow-up report via email, in case anything was missed in the initial report or if new sources uncover new information about your home within that time period.

ghost-girl-on-glass-by-hyena-reality-freedigitalphotosWhat do you get for $11.99? The list on the website promises:

  • Find out if someone has died at the address!
  • List of residents who have lived at the house, not just home owners!
  • Their vitality status! (Alive or Deceased)
  • FREE follow up report emailed to you in 30 days!
  • Provide details of any deaths!

I purchased the report for my own house – partially as “research” and partially because I just couldn’t stand NOT to. (I mean, we don’t notice strange things – that’s why we keep the cats around – but my imagination might start to run away with me if I didn’t get all the information out there!) Sure enough, and luckily for me, I won’t be needing to put my house on the market or conduct an exorcism anytime soon…unless, you know, that 30-day follow-up report reveals something I just don’t want to know…

Here’s a copy of my report, so you can see the format (below – click to enlarge) – if you get your own, please feel free to share with me…especially if you find out something a little out of the ordinary…


My report on my home. Whew! No results found!
(click to enlarge!)


Photo credit: “Ghost Girl on Glass” by hyena reality on

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